Is it just Belgium, or do we have skirts over pants again? And it’s not that I’m planning to resurrect my emo years, but this time around it does look pretty attractive. May be it’s just me being totally pissed at malfunctioning heating at work ( and the fact that we have to wear all the short sleeve spring collection for the season start), but I want to wrap myself in all warm and comfortable clothes, finally discover layers, and stick to the tri-colour dress code horizontally (well, the A.F. Vandevorst tri-coloured dress has caught my fancy).

Now…more or less concretely speaking of my long absence from e-world and my weird theories of three colour dressing which have been created during the formerly mentioned absence. Busy at work (yep – retail, yep – COS, yep – people are dropping by to say hello, and I learned French in two and a half months!) I haven’t really had time to take care of my own mini-label “Origami mon ami” and all the samples are happily waiting in my atelier to be finally sold on Etsy, unless there’s a retailer who wants to accept sample-sized one-piece-only handmade items. I haven’t had any time to work on all my side-projects and ideas that my head is filled with, because I lose more than four hours every day travelling to work and back home. And finally when all this had to spill out of me, the boyf seems to be somewhat convinced that moving to Brussels is a good idea ( god, it took me two years to get him convinced!), so every free moment these days is dedicated to apartment search, which if it was my way would have already seen a happy end in a beautiful apartment at Ma Campagne…but it keeps on going (and of course, any help is very much welcome). One thing is certain, some tasty info shall soon be published here – my proper collection photos, my due to work two-week stay in Cologne, spring trip to Stockholm, and a bit of Brussels fun at Catclub( see you there:)


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