happy new blog

Who would have thought I’ll start blogging…well, initially, letting my opinion known to each and every isn’t my style so to say. But let’s just for a minute consider that my lovely ‘origami mon ami’ blog isn’t the rubbing-your-face-with-my-opinion type thing; see it as the informative and creative point (of view), remotely situated in the heart of West Flanders – the place with equally remote interest and taste in fashion/art/contemporary music, well…you know, peasant paradise/bourgeois hangout with full heart devotion to derision and finger-pointing at the ‘privileged’ few who do have the above mentioned interests. May be I’m making it sound rather drastic, but hey, dare to don anything in the style of Susie-‘Style bubble’, walk the city streets with me, collect the bewildered stares from the staggering number of people…or just imagine such occurrence and you’ll get the point.
You may ask yourself, why do I ever bother to have a blog then? Aha, remember the ‘privileged’ few? *deep and thoughtful smile a la the Cheshire cat*


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