You remind me of the babe.

-You remind me of the babe.
-What babe?
-The babe with the power.
-What power?
-Power of voodoo.
-Who do?
-You do!
-Do what?
-Remind me of the babe.

Acne Studios jacket, shirt and jeans
Kenzo clutch
&Other Stories shoes
This Acne Studios furry blazer was a spontaneous sales buy, but as all things spontaneous seem right at the moment, when time passes the evident becomes a puzzle.
Good thing is not to have any plans of world domination on a casual Friday morning, as I spend it all on trying to figure out what the heck this jacket goes with. The answer - almost nothing! But my love to the green hairy texture only grows with every minute, because it means that I will have to buy the sad and lonely jacket a trustworthy friend - some pencil skirt, a white shirt probably and a pair of Rick Owens sneakers? But for now I'll just jump around the apartment, frightening the cat and the neighbours downstairs.


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