seeing yellow

 ...everywhere I go!
I've never heard so many comments about my feet like today! Every single person that I have vaguely had a conversation with, talked about these Nike sneakers. One guy stopped me in the street wondering where I got them. It happened to be the shop owner of Fresh. - the only place in Brussels where you can bag yourself a pair...or two...wait until you see all the colours! Unfortunatelly I got mine on internet, being unaware of the fact (I do prefer buying clothes at physical shops, and preferably local ones, than at warehouses with an URL), but I will definitely pass by Fresh. for the next pair.
Shall I join those who criticise streetstyle blogs for making everyone look the same? It may sound true, because what is shining on you from the blue screen seems so close and so real... but if it is real, why do I see so many people with open mouths and dilated pupils pointing their finger in the direction of my new kicks like they've never seen anything like that at all?
Nike Air Max sneakers
Dries Van Noten skirt
Acne knit


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