Birthday nails

Painting my nails, eating quiche and wearing my favourite Acne dress, all day long! Whatever, it's just another birthday! Slowly but surely getting closer to the third decade - there's one year left. May be it's time to make some resolutions, open a savings account and learn to drive and only then hit the big three zero. I should visit some good people too - Cologne, Berlin, Manchester, Ivanovo, Moscow...or is it Ekaterinburg now? Then Montreal, Kuala Lumpur, and back to Seoul. There's still the West Coast - from Portland to LA, and I'm hoping for the familiar face to welcome me there.
I'll start with Paris Fashion Week for work and then London and Warwick for pleasure.
Painting my nails in colours of the English skies. My favourite.
From left to right:
O.P.I. Sea Spray, Essie Maximillian Strasse Her, Barry M Grey, Essie Chinchilly, Essie Playa Del Platinum


  1. I absolutely love this. The grey scale effect. Ahhh, perfection at it's finest.