Susie's COS window

When COS contacted me with the proposition to restyle their windows I had to really kick myself for knowing the inevitable answer – I refused for an obvious reason of not having time for such a venture since I’m a person who takes on so many projects all at once plus my adored and beloved job at Stijl where I had no intention of already now starting plucking on the give-me-a-day-off strings…all in all the ‘no time’ factor has been fuelled by two and a half years window dresser experience at, erm, COS…
Somewhere at the headoffice the lovely COS people did not make a connection between their former colleague and a blogger who are sharing the same skin…the cloud of doubt is still dwelling upon my head!
Now, back to the project itself, and a result from London – of course, it’s Susie’s takeover of COS windows – completely different from the windows in Brussels, but so much Susie with all her fancy styling!


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