firstly and secondly

I’m not going to bore you with much detail, but on Thursday I ‘m finally going to get a haircut that I’ve been hesitating about for so long. It’s nothing new, just pretty darn short, with an undercut to show off my mousey-grey regrowth and so make it clear that my blonde is as fake as you can have it. The cut will be a bit like this Schwartzkopf look, but in reverse colours, so I’m already panting of excitement, looking forward to a visit to the hairdresser like a kid who can’t wait to go to an amusement park. I love cutting my hair short, and then a couple of months later hate myself for doing it, but that has already become a natural cycle of my seasonal mood-swings.

Now to the topic #2…or today’s topic number one of most fashion blogs: Lanvin for H&M collection…I don’t have too much to add, although I’m not head over heels about it, but there are some interesting pieces that I would like to see closer in person, namely the black puffball skirt and the sunglasses, but on the day when the collection hits the stores I’ll be at work, and then I’ll be on my way to London which narrows my chances down to the minimum. So if YOU (yes,YOU!) want to volunteer and go camping in front of H&M on the 23rd of November, grab a pair of those lovely glasses for me!


  1. I too was not completely impressed but I liked some of the dresses. I think the men's collection looked the best and might shop for some pieces.