ready steady go!


Various Sources featured artist and designers list is getting more and more exciting! Get ready for BIG names, open minds and generous hearts.
The second issue of my self-published mag is taking shape and with a concrete direction and theme I’m looking for new brands and artists to interview. I’m not keeping it local, since the issue#2 will be sold outside of Belgium and this time around the production and printing process will not get in the way of having enough copies for everyone. I found a new binding technique, and I’m sorry but you’ll have to learn to read texts in mirror reflection - it’s all part of the game!
Rather expectedly I’ll focus on duality for the issue#2…but not in the banal way – more like a duality given go celebrate the deity of month of January – Janus the two-faced god. And whether it’s about coupling, duets, twins or indecisive double-mindedness, Various Sources has firstly the name, and secondly the issue’s theme – ‘noir between the sexes’ – a homage to the work by Denicolai&Provoost.
Once again no launch event planned, it will simply drop in stores sometime in January and will be available to purchase online this time….so slowly but surely I’m building it up and making it look like a real magazine. Not bad!
And by the way I have just chosen the victim = the external writer…will see him tomorrow to insist and inspire. I’ve got a very good feeling about it. So the all-white cover and the fruit stickers will be back!


  1. Are there any issue #1 copies laying around?