Just when I thought I found the best nailpolish in the universe – Matte About You by Essie (it’s a colourless topcoat which makes ANY nail-colour extra matte!), here’s a tiny tidbit I picked out of the Park&Cube blog today:
This amazing metallic nail..erm…gadget is called Nail Rock and is available online at ASOS. Happily coinciding with this amazing discovery is the free-of-charge shipment that ASOS offers for a limited period of time. So in a matter of a few seconds I was at the checkout page.
I’ve been looking for the chrome or metallic nailpolish for a while now, but all they’ve got in store is the ugly glittery and shiny ones. No! I want the real heavy metal stuff! L’Oreal (or was it Maybelline?) should resurrect the Chrome nail-colour series they used to have back in the 90’s – they’ll go sold out. My first nailpolish ever was a bright yellow one, and that’s prior to the fast-drying polishes, so I remember waiting for a half-an-hour and waving my hands in the air for it to dry. Then came the fast-drying Chromes and I had a silver one, it was like a revelation – shiny nails of stainless steel…
Well, back to Nail Rock – it’s not a polish but some kind of sticky film which must be softened and applied with heat of a hairdryer, and to me it looks like a GoldLeaf that is used to make the classical wooden picture frames gold and shiny, so I’m endlessly curious how it’s going to work for the nails. The beauty of Nail Rock is not only in the chrome finish, but you can have all sorts of printed patterns as well…although they look incredibly kitsch in polkadot and tacky in leopard print, I’m sure there’s a right person out there somewhere to wear them. Not me. The gold nail wrap should be in my mailbox by the end of the week, and I’ll make sure to be the Madame Goldfinger at the S4lem gig on the 2nd of December.


  1. Can't wait to see photographic evidence of Madame Goldfinger. And chromes are really underestimated. I am glad you read Park and Cube too! She is really great.


  2. Amazing blog, inspiring indeed :D