bxl to a'pen roundtrip

After the announcement of the Sandrina Fasoli store opening, re-opening of Hunting&Collecting with their chalet-inspired interiors, what could be better?
Brussels has more to offer. A brand new concept store is opening in September. It will occupy the former Comme des Garçons space…that’s all I can tell you without a decent press release.
Since when are bloggers working with press releases? Aren’t we supposed to sniff out the latest fashion news?
Well, here’s another info-bulk, this time around concerning Antwerp.
Atelier Solarshop brings us the second version of the Pop-Up store. If you may remember the first one, some names are recurrent, but there’s plenty to look forward to: Hui-Hui, Jan-Jan Van Essche, Saskia&Stefan Diez, Slow and Steady Wins the Race… The Solarshoppers are organising a launch party on the 31st of August beginning at 17h, so bring your friends.
Pop-up will be open from 1st September, 11am to 19pm, Monday to Saturday.

Secondly there’s the good old RA that keeps on churning out an opening after an opening and an event after an event that I cannot keep up with. On the 4th of September they team up with my beloved Labels Inc. – Belgium’s best designer consignment store, to create a vintage corner at RA13 with the best selection of designer pieces. Expect big names. Naturally with a reception.