Reading other people’s blogs is the only thing that keeps me posting so far…out of jealousy or inspiration – I do not know. Today I have switched my computer on for the first time in the past 4 days – only to pay for a pair of lovely trousers I won for a cheapo on eBay…

Hello World! Did you miss me?

My absence is justified though: I’ve been substituting a sick colleague this week, hence merchandising Dries Van Noten, A.F. Vandevorst and Cathy Pill pre-fall collections, learning to sing (sorry neighbours) and searching for a new flat (to no avail).
To relax I’m cutting a suit – sleeveless but masculine, to be constructed in a soft silk/linen blend. Financially, this is the best solution for a new wardrobe, yet I have made a formal blazer only once in my life – generally I like to avoid lapels and passepoils, but driven by desire above reason I embrace the challenge.
How to turn a banal title into something entertaining? Well, say it is really dedicated to an amazing track by an amazing band – for instance,‘Saturday' by Oneida of their recent work ‘Rated O’. Oneida is probably the only band that I own quite a few albums of, but I have never seen them live – in my world that is next to absurd.
I’m a slave for the grinding repetitive riffs.


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