Mr. Sinister

Here are the two absolutely irrelevant side-notes: one is my recent and rather surprising purchase – I found this original Pleats Please shirt at a local second-hand store and with a price tag of only 10 € I happily took it home. Haven’t got a clue of what to do with it, but it feels good to be an owner of a piece of history. I haven’t tried it on in the shop, but I find an unexpected volume in this piece – it opens up at the shoulders and the sleeves, and in spite of being Japanese size 3 still fits me right…now, how do I get the second-hand smell out of it?
The second picture is my future pet koi fish…yes, that’s right. This mister is a pearl-white beauty! Just please don’t think I live in a mansion with lakes and waterfalls, well there is a pond down here and a shop assistant says one koi per one cube meter of water…looks like a success, compared to the magnolia in a pot!


  1. whoa, lucky find! my pleats please bag i found in a thrift store too.. so lucky. i've always wanted fish but worry they are too much work, this one looks beautiful!