shoe tuning

Welcome to the week of fun – that is if you are in Belgium. The designer stocksales begin on the 21st with RA13 and Dries van Noten, and followed by Christian Wijnants and Pelican Avenue on the 22nd. Furthermore there’s Stephan Schneider and Bruno Pieters among the most attractive names, just most likely there won’t be any more money left in the piggy-bank by the evening of 22nd of April – I’m hoping to get my hands on some Fabrics Interseason items at RA and some ditsy prints at Christian W to fully switch myself to the spring mode.So ticking off the lines on the spring wish-list one after another I finally bought the printed trousers from Stine Goya – I’ve been hovering around them for a while at Hunting&Collecting;

and just ordered myself a pair of high heels to wear out at any vernissage that may come up.
Since I’ve never been too skilled with heels I don’t ever want to invest into an expensive pair – that’s where any cheap copies are very much welcome! So these are supposed to be the fake leather version of Alexander Wang’s boots of the current season…
…I went for the frosted cream coloured ones, and honestly I find them even prettier than the original. Another advantage about the cheap plastic shoes is that any shoemaker can easily cut 1cm off the heel to make them more comfortable. And the secret to longevity of a cheap shoe is to drive a 3cm screw into the heel from the inside of the shoe, just lifting up the insole and then gluing it back to cover the screw-head.
I just wonder when will the air-traffic be completely restored so that I can receive my order??? I’m getting nicely impatient to show off some of my spring gear for it has been so long since the last outfit post.


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