mother nature's hitlist

There’s no cure for compulsive collecting when it comes to prints! I’m afraid I have never been in a better print-mood than of nowadays. Blame it on the fact that all prints are good when combined with a trench or on my roots of a forest nymph, since I consume everything with a tree print in some mysterious subconscious manner. Besides, the Mother Nature is just the most talked about celebrity in the current news – so gotta have the fan merch, right?

Tree prints, mountain prints, volcano eruption prints…it feels like the infamous Eyjafjallajoekull decided to erupt at command, because the hype around the ash cloud is completely blown out of proportion. And what are we left to do but to be inspired while drawing diagrams trying to figure out who and how could benefit from this cataclysm?

Anyhow, back to the print-mania. We’ve seen crystals and prisms take over at ACNE, ditsy splashes at Cacharel, abstract florals at Swash, digital galaxies at Pieter Pilotto, plus so much more print-action is happening on high-street. Now all of the above overruled by the amazing prints at Beyond the Valley

and Something Else

– these two indie brands from the opposite sides of the globe must be consumed with caution, you are most likely to have the prints hangover when you’ll be begging for all black outfits, but in the right amount and in the combination these are the best treatment against the winter blues in any outfit…or at least this is the way my wardrobe functions: enter the spring, enter the prints (and the more they resemble the enchanting cover of SVIIB ‘Alpinisms’ the better!).


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