Material Boy winter 2010

One more enchanting evening at RA in Antwerp has passed. Every time I’m surprised at the simplicity and cosiness of every event, yet the chosen styles are far from simple.
This time being lead through the corridor with the festive chants resounding and models posing on the either side of the passage, I felt like an inhabitant of the Middle Earth. The scenographic choice highlightened even more the folkloric and rather rustic elements of the clothing – mysterious and fairytale-like. I don’t know if such style is coherent with the current off-mood in fashion, when we are looking for elegance as oppose to statement, but I’m pretty sure we’ll soon see the effect of the designers’ longing for the ceremonial, Celtic and medieval elements on the greater public.

I bet you already noticed the fur and the horns being praised here and there, the skulls and bones are having a comeback (now completely split away from any rock’n’roll connotations) as precious jewellery. And honestly, there’s something way more humane about the home-spun yarns than about a Burberry trench.

It seems there’s a similar aesthetic value in the Material Boy collections as, for instance, in Cosmic Wonder Light Source, and I’ll be happy to find both under the same RA roof come autumn.


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