this week's hidden agenda

I don’t mean this blog to become some sort of a quickie agenda, but I don’t have that much time these days, so I’ll keep on posting about the places to go to.
This Thursday at Walter Shop in Antwerp (Sint-Antoniusstr.) you’ll find the Bury Me Standing – the presentation of Andrea Cammarosano’s collection.
Andrea Cammarosano takes funeral rites and submarines as the starting point for his new collection. With his perception of garments as coffins forming the link between the two, he designs utopian coverings using technical shapes and unusual materials, reframing the body for a better understanding.

On Saturday at RA13 (Kloosterstr.) is the 'un animal devra mourir' - a ritual by Giuseppe Virgone. This is the presentation of the menswear collection in conjunction with the musical performance of Nemoi and the scenography of Guillaume Airiaud.

I’ll come back with pictures from both of those, especially excited about RA13, as not only the event is worth a visit, but the entire shop is a magical place and the catalogue of all current fashion knowledge. So see you there!


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