a ghost train*ing

It seems ages have passed since the RA opening – so much I talk about them, but there’s always a distinct reason. If you would like to discover the essence of RA as an arena for displaying and producing a portfolio of products, site-specific projects, exhibitions, installations, performances, and all events that promote and enrich the creative and cultural discourse, then next Thursday you are invited to the nocturne for 'a ghost train*ing' by Dashenka Prochazka. Her work is poetic and morbid while being nonetheless cheerful filled with complex details we often only understand after a second reading. Her music possesses a delicate way of storytelling.

So on 3rd of December the former gallery space in Kloosterstraat shall showcase Dashenka’s multi-dimentional works throughout the space that has been reconstructed and renovated with respect to its historical architectural value.

RA – the initiative or Romain Brau and Anna Kushnerova - once again sets a collaboration with a guest contributor for another evening of unexpected and fabulous. Alongside to this shall I mention again the impressive list of brands they carry?
Henrik Vibskov, Fabrics Interseason, Bless, b-store, Cosmic Wonder, Chloë Sevigny for Opening Ceremony, Arne & Carlos, Stine Goya, Ann-Sofie Back, Gareth Pugh, Louise Goldin, Giles, Damir Doma, Ute Ploier… OMG(no, that’s not a brand, it’s just me sighing again!)
See you there!


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