because you are gold

I have never been so happy about the end of the week, as I’ve been about the end of this particular one. Now I’m just counting the days until the end of this year. I’m pretty disgusted with the number of times I had to travel to the nearest workers’ union for legal advice, having to double-check every single word after my employer, and being faced with loads of bullshit. So I’m typing up a letter to the internal workers’ union, which will probably be taken for someone charging at windmills. Oh well!
On a slightly brighter note: I will be happy to find myself in Amsterdam this Wednesday for another visit to Individuals, which has changed the name to ‘by AMFI’ – they are installing a whole new concept store within their space, and I am handcrafting an article on that subject with great enthusiasm.
So yes, the new material for the magazine is flowing in, it’s taking an interesting shape and the deadline is set for February!
In other news – I’m jumping of joy, because I just won this Bernhard Willhelm sweater on eBay:

I’ve been drawn to anything black and gold lately, especially if the garment has some surprising detail and doesn’t look festive or dressed up. Even though black and gold combination is being abused by all high-street brands without exception, I see it more as an effortless weekend option for a lazy outfit which can be recycled for the evening of drinks.

I’d love to have enough golden watches to pile them on as bracelets, an oversized clutch bag, a pair of tapered trousers, and some special headgear. Very much inspired by this very perfect outfit: for a second I even wish my hair were white and messy!


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