the cronicles of random v 2.0

A Sunday well spent is the kind of Sunday when:
a) The breaks on the bike are fixed, so no more stopping with the help of the heels and in the bright morning hours I can take a ride to the flea market.
b) I score a vintage Burberry trench for 7€, five minutes later a black 70’s calf-length one for 10€. Viva les Marolles!
c) On the way back home the streets of St.-Gilles remind me of Aldgate East snapshots from one year ago. I miss the east side messy London.
d) The rest of the afternoon is spent knitting.
e) I have finally collected all the leaves that have fallen onto my backyard – welcome winter!
f) Manicure, pedicure, bubble bath, yeah

In between of the little pleasures I’ve been eager to DIY something at the (re-)discovery of the whole collection of Dylon fabric dyes in my closet. I used to dye a lot of fabrics during the studies in Antwerp because I like the uneven texture of bleached prints and added colour, but I never really tried to dip-dye anything before because somehow it always reminds me of the early 90’s. But in a matter of few minutes the pink powder and salt dissolved in a bucket of hot water – in goes my COS t-shirt – and I’ll be happy to look like someone has spilled a strawberry milkshake over my head.

On a more abstract note – I found yet another 3D zebra crossing in my neighbourhood!


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