these are the days

So there was no time to pick up souvenirs on a short aller/retour to Paris, but one lovely souvenir just appeared without me knowing. At Colette I grabbed a copy of Bon International A/W 09 issue without realizing how exclusive it was. There are 50 copies of the current issue which hold a signed ‘These are the days’ artwork from Matt Stokes. I happened to be the lucky #16 with a beautiful hexagon-shaped silk screen print which unfolds into a star shape in my possession. Haven’t really had time to take a closer look, but on leaving the house today I pinned it to the chimney and left the Three Beggars (fox not pictured) to guard it until my return.

I’m not sure what follow-up I can expect from this project, but my copy is now registered online at, so we’ll see. For now it’s a great surprise and a fabulous chance to own an art object. A long bow to the ground for Bon.


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