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Here comes another lazy evening and I’m afraid I’ll be skipping both Fink and LDN/BRU fun tonight. Instead I’m looking for some new DIY projects and the random inspiration for the cold days to come, not only in terms of fashion, but the kind of general lifestyle inspiration at times intervened with extended shopping lists.
The times when I feel the ground is slipping away from under my feet – and such times are now – I’m looking for the reflection of my sentiments in fashion, opting for the most unlikely choices in colours, lengths and volumes. When the entire world seems to have gotten on the black-nude-lingerie-straps train, I’m looking for macramé, checks, calf length and tabi shoes. All apart from checks is influenced by Encens’ appreciation of Fabrics Interseason. The checks I attribute to men in HV shirts. And how I’m going to combine all of the above still remains a mystery…or rather remained a mystery up until I came across this Comme des Garçons dress on ebay. I’m in love with the proportions – the exaggerated armholes and the pleats on the hips and of course the sought-after calf length. The simple colour palette of black&white is the easy one to start with on my checks debut. Somehow I always found checks repelling, especially when they are of navy and red colour combination, but this dress shows the motif in a totally different light.

The following items could make the perfect wardrobe friends with this dress. If only my wardrobe was so friendly!

assymetric mountain print cardigan Bless
rope and wood necklace Fabrics Interseason
tassel flats Diesel


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