winter mood

The ebay frenzy has begun! There are just too many things that I like and there are quite a few things I don’t mind getting rid of, knowing exactly which summer clothes I won’t be wearing next summer. So as the days got colder I’ve been spending evenings sorting through my winter wardrobe, trying to make place for the coats and sweaters and folding away the silky dresses and tops – seemingly the natural thing to do, yet it looks like a very old-fashioned habit to put your best summer dresses in boxes, just like my grandma did.
Somehow storage has its own aesthetic which I always found incredibly important. The way the clothes are handled is just as significant as the way they are worn, so may be this concept stands behind the reason why I opt for the clothes the design value of which is in the thought process rather than the decorative aspect, or this is why I like the inside of the garment to have its own story to tell, so that my dresses have something to talk about while being locked inside the closet.
It’s strange how I’ve been putting together some moodboards for the winter, and you might start thinking that my closet is full of BLESS and SSWTR and there’s a Bernhard Willhelm skirt chatting up a Fabrics Interseason shawl. Well, in the perfect world that’s exactly how the things would be, but in the reality I’m lounging around the living room wearing a black COS sweater dress, black Filippa K leggings and some ugly ski socks instead of slippers. But let’s get back to the ideal world, shall we?
You’ve heard this before, but I’m not overly excited about the season to come, so the moodboard consists of brands rather than designers and the styles are very DIY inclined. I also discovered that Urban Outfitters stocks Happy Socks for men, so they will run slightly big but for the sake of pastel mint colour I don’t mind. And apart from the socks I’m planning to make as much as possible, so you can expect some non-basic DIY tutorials. The coming week I will experiment with human hair, inspired by this image:


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