a modern-age painting pirate of me

Promising to bring some tasty images from Amsterdam is a good thing…But it would have been made better if I would have at least taken my camera with me. So accept my apologies for not posting anything about Amsterdam. There is a plenty of great things about the city and wonderful people who live there, and I wish I could document it all in some sort of a visual diary. I left only with best impressions.
I decided to make an Amsterdam-inspired experiment here at home and put some flowers in front of my window. The only thing is – I really wonder how long will they stay in front of my window before being nicked for someone’s garden. I’d love Brussels to be as neat and as pretty as Amsterdam, but I’m afraid there’s a great lack of good taste and cleanness over here. I did pass by one flower pot while walking up my street but it made me laugh because the flowers were yellowing and the leafs were dry, not mentioning some doggie’s territorial pissing. Well, that’s very Brussels.
I’ve been surprised about just how many people – if not everyone – do not put curtains on their windows. The Dutch homes are open to the view of any passer-by, and I don’t know if Dutch people themselves like to peep in eachother’s windows, but I definitely took the advantage of their curtainless habit. Beautiful homes and people within them minding their daily businesses is a picture you see on every street. I could write stories about them, if they only permit.
Talking about homes, I’ve been clearing out mine as much as I can. And my latest discovery of two pots of white paint in the basement – the ones that have been given to me by the landlord on his departure to Pakistan about one year ago, and the ones I have completely forgotten about! So yes, I’m a maniac with a roller for the left arm and a paintbrush for the right one – a modern-age painting pirate. I have one room left to refurbish, it includes painting, curtains, getting rid of the unnecessary stuff, but most importantly painting the wooden floors white, stripping the carpet of the staircase and repainting it too – loads of work for the Handy Mandy. I’m inspired by one apartment in the far-faraway New York that belongs to the German-born photographer. You can find the complete set of images and a small interview on Design Sponge. She talks about only keeping things that she needs and loves, be it clothing or furniture, everything is very well organised and has its proper place, which is exactly what I do too.
I also love the natural tones of the following image – the raffa carpet, the beige sofa and the vintage Scandinavian armchairs. It has been my main inspiration for the livingroom.
As for the last room of my little basement flat the colour palette has stronger contrasts of optic white against abyss black, not much wood as you can see, but as a compromise I’ll fill it with stuffed animals.
And if I were to own the place, I’d probably get rid of the horrible frilly fireplaces and all the doors, and have a place looking something like this:

Yet the mere idea of stripping the carpet off the staircase is already enough headache, because Handy Mandy I am not.
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  1. on a day of madness i had a look at ALL the sneak peak on design sponge :)