On mystery

Here's another attempt to mobile blogging, which has not yet been much of success. This time around while being able to post text only I'll entertain you with some writing I've been doing for the "origami mon ami" magazine. The project I've been working on is a collection of short essays on different aspects of the theme of the magazine and is a project of it's own, acting as a catalogue of thought written in simple daily situations. It includes images of the places and situations that inspire me to write those particular paragraphs. Here's an excerpt:

On mystery.
No greater mystery shall remain than the one of your own imagination. The mankind will always crave to solve the mysteries. We'll forever be drawn to those unexplained, trying our best to find the answers, work out a formula and fit it into the frame of the ordinary. Write it in a book, publish it in a magazine... Black on white gives us confidence of fact - matter of fact, as we shall call it. One mystery solved. Hooray! And onto the next one. The sublime system of regularity is what we build our processes upon. It is easy, user friendly and self-explanatory.


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