think black&white

Berlin day 1 continued.
The best souvenir to pick up in Berlin this weekend was actually the suntan. Not a cloud on the horizon and the most exhausting outdoor activity (i.e. shopping) got me a very lovely burned nose. Apart from that project Galerie was quite a highlight. Not that it was unusual or anyhow beyond your imagination, yet it was a place bizarre and inviting at the same time.

The amount of the black&white peeps also wasn’t left unnoticed. (OK! Some Frisbee player in the park just dived into a pool of dirt, probably the last remaining wet-ish dirt in this park!...and now he’s in the kiddie shower on the playground…oddness) there’s something about black&white minimalism in the city, and just on the contrary I pictured Berlin with fluo hipsters. Here the classic Ray Bans and bowler hats seem to be the dominant accessories. Personally, I am very much attracted to this simple style which does not obligate the wearer to any particular silhouette, as it remains mainly basic (as basic as white t + black tapered trews actually are). So if you want sculpted and geometrical or oversized and drapy you are welcome to add it on, keeping the materials simple and refined. The only rule is the colour code.
I’ve been wondering, as most of my wardrobe is black and beige anyhow, white is not too far off on the colour spectrum, so I’m definitely willing to give it a go as a dressing experiment; just not too sure if it is ever possible to strangle the maximalist in me and turn into a maximal minimalist…whatever it may mean.
A bright idea of finding a hotel with a decent shower is slightly more appropriate at the moment…


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