Coffee, cakes and online shops

On a day when a nasty illness has taken me down and locked me out, I’m sipping on caramel coffee, devouring amaretto cakes and dreaming of decent summer days. It’s been so windy lately that I cannot deal with my hair going all directions, which means staying indoors is not so drastically bad, especially as I’ve got my coffee, cakes and fashion blogs! And here comes the first result: the pastel summer has caught my fancy lately. It started with the fact that I’ve somewhat unofficially decided to abstract myself from colour onto a palette of black white and nude, so the pastels are the immediate logical development, as they are not real colours and work so well with nude and black.

These come from an on-line store Pixie Market. I’m so surprised at the recent bloom of online boutiques which seem to sell such wonderful clothes that I never find in physically present shops. I do know almost all the brands they stock, but have given up on finding anything similar outside of Stockholm or London. On top of that my current obsession with West Coast fashion and music is driving me nuts as I discover more and more wonderful names every day. And such route to discovery is facilitated by the numerous online stores, of course. Here are just to name few:
Opening Ceremony
Creatures of comfort
Candystore collective

Stand Up Comedy
Need supply( ok ok, it’s from Richmond, but oh so lovely)

By the way, all those are included into ‘the daily browsing’ routine. Would you like to know more? I have a humongous international list:

Acne studios (Sweden)
Pixie Market (US)
Mint&Vintage (Sweden)
Doshaburi (Spain)
Amelie Boutique (UK)
Cronicles of never (Australia)
Reborn (Canada)
Freudian Kicks (Norway)
ForwardForward (US)
Tjallamalla (Sweden)
Grandpa (Sweden)
I'm forgetting a plenty, so I'll keep adding to this the meanwhile try guessing which one stocks these:


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