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So there’s a way to be stylish and eco-friendly at the same time, yet I still believe that the eco-friendly interior design has progressed way more than fashion. Is it because those who choose to recycle, eat bio and use renewable sources of energy tend to discard fashion at its ‘throw-away’ approach?
I’m not going green or anything…although I do eat bio, have energy-saving bulbs, decorate my house with second-hand furniture and clean it with nature-friendly products…and use Paraben-free cosmetics only!, and the toilet paper is eco too, it’s packaged in special degradable plastic. Should such fact be shared with the whole wide world? Anyways, there’s a trend. I don’t admit to it every time, but if we were to have recycling centres like in Finland where you get clothes for free just for the sake of recycling, I might have become a fan.
Going back to the interior part, I’ve got luck in my pockets! As this time last year we (at COS) had beautiful high summer windows composed out of cardboard structures in shades of green and olive. Then those got taken down and only one year later the news have arrived that the cardboard must be recycled. So the good employe that is me decided to recycle it by dragging every single remaining box to my home. Why? Here’s an image:

And here’s a link:

Have you figured out why? Well, it’s not only for a price tag (I’ve got 7 packages), but the entire installation and versatility of this amazing product is overwhelming to me. It’s like a giant puzzle, but incredibly rewarding in the end, because the construction looks like some architectural details from the 60’s, it reminds me of shopping malls somehow, only that it’s light and airy, colours are lovely, but most of all it’s made of recycled material. I am busy constructing a wall that separates the staircase from the room and blocks out the window slightly, as I want to get rid of the curtains, and still have some light while being obscured from the curious stares of the passers-by. It shall be the weekend fun!


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