the kids

There’s not so much left to blog about in London, because I’m now getting ready to leave, so I’m much more concerned with what awaits me in lovely Brussels: all that work at COS as it has been two months that the shop has no visual merchandiser, I can imagine how much stuff got piled up for me to deal with; then there’s a cat, and all that comes with it; my recent plans to finally resurrect the pop-up store, and the fact that I rented my place with provision to open the first edition of this pop-up store in my own flat, meaning: finish off the paint-works, find the chairs, make the curtains, fix the sofa, etc. ( oh shouldn’t have started with this list)…a lot needs doing, and I’m pretty excited to go back and spend days amongst doll parts and window display gadgets, and nights behind my sewing machine, sounds like a lot fun.
And of course I’ll miss London. It hasn’t been the best experience in my life and all the troubles at work left me exhausted, but on the other hand it’s pretty encouraging to go back…yet there’s an open VM position in 533 – that’s the third COS in London due to open in March 2009 – it does make me think strange thoughts…
…well, enough personal BS, I should instead be telling the world about The Chap, COS ‘Christmas treat’ kids’ collection and then simply packing my bags for tomorrow.
So to everyone’s surprise COS designers ( I did meet Rebecca Bay in person yesterday, yet she just mumbled something to her assistant and then went to complain about the Christmas display) have created a small children’s collection. It consists of 14 pieces only, but each tiny little garment is just way too cute to describe in words, and I’ve been holding up the pictures that I took in the showroom until now, because this tiny collection must be presented as a sweet Christmas surprise for our loyal customers.


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