...and the chaps


Oops, a flash! So instead of a picture-perfect band (they freeze in funniest rock’n’roll poses) I got some hairy blobs. The point of this picture is not to show the band though, it’s more like a reminder of a great show last night at Hoxton Square Bar&Kitchen. I don’t normally chant “super super” “good good” “brilliant” “sweet harmony” without any reason, but they give a perfect reason for such doing. What appeared to be a perfect trio (but actually a girl who's in the band was not there that night) reminded me very much of 31 Knots, not stylewise though, more in a way of how energetic their show is, and of course I couldn’t stop my feet from dancing. I did notice that the British crowd is extremely cold and static, they just wouldn’t move, oh well, the unstoppable me can dance even in an empty room as long as the band is The Chap!


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