uniforms for the dedicated

An afternoon spent studying the federal police recruitment website only to find out that in order to apply I need to have a category B driver's license...which I don't...my hopes to become a woman in the uniform - out of the window and off they go.
In the past months I often caught myself on a thought that it is about time to change. Swapping my life for someone else's is not really an option, but making subtle changes within my own is. I have a feeling that pretty much everyone can work in fashion, some people are just better at it than others, and I am probably better at it than some people but much worse than others...and in the end you just really really have to want it and do some effort to grab your place in fashion - and there you are, uncomplicated. Bloggers can open clothing stores, be omnipresent in the fashion media and have their opinion accounted for - we are in 2013, for dog's sake! What I never appreciated is those fashion figures who want to make fashion exclusive and who consider the role they play in fashion, whatever role, even the most important, their lifetime achievement. I'm too lighthearted and volatile to go for the lifetime achievement within something as lighthearted and volatile as fashion, yet I am endlessly attracted to it for that very same reason.
Lately I realized to be such an empty person, or may be some kind of a mirror, I don't know, but you can fill me up brimful with ideas, anger, stress, any emotion really and I'll sit there believing it's all mine. May be that's why I find my way around fashion, reflecting the common trend and believing all that's out there is seriously important. I'm well tailored for retail, product-minded, whatever. But what I really consider an achievement does not lie within fashion. Blame it on my star sign or the pathological capacity of being everyone's scapegoat, but something has always attracted me to a uniform.
A uniform - a shared, non-exclusive belief.


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