Just one look upon these soft sweaters by Veronica B. Vallenes and I see my name written all over them. I'm quite upset that there are no more retail points for Veronica B. Vallenes in Belgium. Upset because the shops must follow designers' collections for several seasons and now just go with a flow...or hype...or this blog's post or whatever, and give up on a collection after one season. In the meanwhile, her collections grow stronger every season and as Instagram tells me Veronica B. Vallenes is invited to show her collection at Grand Canyon - not a sort of emponymous venue, no! but the very Grand Canyon in Arizona - the perfect location for her summer collection and marble-ly textures she often employs. I can't wait to see the soft shades of dusty pink and copper sun-kissed and heat-fused with the red rock backdrop.
All of it sets my mood slightly off. I realise how little I speak of those niche designers Veronica B. Vallenes belongs to. Just as well as word 'niche' may sound condescending, I do not mean a gram of it towards Veronica, but rather angrily admitting that of myself and this blog.  Who did I write about this season?  Acne and, erm more Acne...I know that .origamimonami could just as well be renamed into .acneappreciationclub, but I promise you that there are many more other things in my head! But somehow I felt detached of it all lately, becoming the ideal target for marketing and product placement, and upon seeing those hard-case Acne clutches swaying past me at Paris fashion week, still wanting my own.
The point is, I feel almost useless as a blogger,  not having even mentioned new openings in Brussels, like Sibling Factory...but reading around, Sibling Factory here and Sibling Factory there, every self-respecting blogger has already written something about the store. How unprecedentedly self-disrespectful of me!
Sometimes I feel with all the frenchmen settling in, Brussels is missing softness. Stores become more and more competitive, maybe too competitive for their own good. I've seen the entire street full at the opening evening and a sad empty store by day... Well, I'm just thinking about many things that could have been done in Brussels, stores that could have existed, brands that could have been carried by those stores - Rachel Comey, Apiece Apart, Alexandra VerscheurenLow Classic, Cosmic Wonder, Creatures of Comfort, Veronica B. Vallenes, Maryam Nassir Zadeh, Other, Toga. The stores with their own lines and a cozy tea room, who dare to stock up on Simona Vanth and Delfina Delettrez. I should probably open a store like that myself, right after I win Euromillions, uh? Call it Douglas Firs probably, what else? And serve you a coffee in a log cabin, black, with cherry pie.
EDIT: So much for my weekend rant! New week always begins with an overdose of optimism though - thanks to Veronica B. Vallenes for kindly letting me know over Instagram that her new collection will be sold at Hunting and Collecting...and greater news yet - her own webshop shall launch in October, so not only we Belgians may rejoice shopping her collections, but everyone may do so as extensively as they please.  


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