eye candy

I do allow myself a bit of unnecessary girliness sometimes, but getting my make-up done at a clothing store...it has never even occurred to me that I would be up for it. A bit too dramatic for what I would naturally wear, but I got my eyes painted in gold and black glitter - proof on Instagram.
What I'm about to show you now is a fruitful night of shopping at Kenzo boutique, down here in BXL on rue de Namur. They organized a late-night shopping event with drinks, food, make-up and in presence of the stylist who would give you a complete make-over if you dare. Being conservative as I am, I got away with the prettiest skirt ever and an eye card holder.
Honestly I hoped to get my nails painted with Kenzo eyes, so that it would look like a bunch of tadpoles wiggling and dangling off my fingers, but unfortunately the nail painting session is planned for the 19th of October, for those who are free that day - get over there and get it done!

 This has got to be my favourite skirt ever - quilted in front, longer at the back, with a buckle and rounded pockets and the captivating night sky print with a full moon peeking through, just enough to wake a werewolf in me and go howling.

Now roll your eyes, folk - it's an eye candy!

And an eye card holder, which has many magical properties - not only guarding my Visa and watching over my expenses but also cleaning up the contents of my eye purse rather successfully. Unbelievable!


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