Acne Studios Paris


No shop window - just a neon orange sliding door and an Asian couple taking pictures of themselves at the entrance - you are welcomed by this very strange blob of a Venus...and before you know it, you're inside a weird trip that Acne Studios in Paris is, echoing of both Scandinavian minimalism and Italian postmodernism of the 80's the interior of this boutique just engulfs you and sails you off to somewhere else. Is it a 2001 Space Odyssey or Event Horizon, I don't know, but I went in pure and innocent and came out having seen the strangest of my dreams...carrying one in a pretty pink paperbag too. I guess I'm very used to jeans and sweaters selection that most multibrand shops make, completely ignoring the fact that Acne Studios is much more than the commercial pre-collection most are familiar with. Stepping into the Paris boutique made me frown at some items - and I rarely frown in confusion! Does Acne make all this ice blue polyester crepe and papaya orange mohair, vibrant poppy red boucle and snow white shearling?

I walked away with something green and fluffy (as usual), leaving all this fake marble behind.


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