life for rent

When many small changes occur all at once, it feels like the entire course of life had been deviated into the new and the unknown. I took a holiday last week and managed to infect my computer with a dozen of viruses, so aggressive that I lost all of the data and had to get the entire system reinstalled anew.
Then I got the new Samsung Galaxy S4, feeling completely lost in the age of modern technology I can't even transfer a phonebook from my old phone, sitting here and tapping the massive tactile screen only with my dad's number on Viber. In the meanwhile, being a technology looser, I got myself an Instagram (the link to which you will find in the right-hand corner of the blog, just above the popular posts) which is at the moment limited to a couple of pictures of my cat Visby and some flowery shirt I made for a friend, but you are welcome to follow if it tickles your fancy.
Then I found out that the house I live in is for sale and I'm forced to look for a new place in spite of the lovely freshly decorated interiors, my spacious sewing atelier, my cat's garden and all my boyfriends music instruments. Now this whole bulk that's called 'life' has to be packaged in cardboard boxes and moved.
I'd like to believe that 'a fresh start' is actually a good thing.


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