I've never been too keen on the designer/high-street brand collaborations - not because I don't like the designers or high-street brands, but because I find it hard mixing them both and still believing that what comes out is the designer garment. The worst example being Maison Martin Margiela for H&M - cheap copies of the MMM classics, sweatshop-made in China? I already feel the goosebumps crawling up my back, together with some ugly eczema from toxic fabric colorants.
So that's how I would imagine Weekday - a member of H&M Group, but....
There's always a 'but' in my posts, years down the blogging line and I keep on going!
What Weekday has done for the Matthew Ames collaboration is rather admirable. They've created a different to Ames' regular work denim line - much more in-line with the high-street brand philosophy, and thus bringing Matthew Ames out of creative hiatus. It's almost like a separate brand - Prairie. They've worked the garments through to their own capacities, without ever trying to get the 'affordable' catwalk look. This collection presents itself with a lot of confidence...well, at least to me, and what I mean by 'confidence' is a rare find when clothes assume their own status and are not trying to be anything else - denim is denim and it looks good, point.
I dream to one day march alongside the Christophe Lemaire/Damir Doma/Matthew Ames army. One day when I feel as confident as those clothes.