topshop treasure hunt


So I ploughed through the entire Topshop website to pick some garments I would like to buy if I were not to count money in my life ever. How great it would have been to win a lottery or earn a million a year, but strangely my list is not so long. I’m sceptic about polyester, I would probably eliminate a half of the favourites on my list after having fitted them, but afterall there are some great pieces. Surprise surprise – they are sold-out in most sizes. I guess the true Topshop customers know what they are buying. I will still abstain from ordering anything online, because two out of three items I ever ordered from Topshop were broken just because the packaging wasn’t right… And the Oxford Circus store is such a maze that I can spend hours choosing and leave with nothing, or drop by for a quarter and on seeing a queue at the till still leave with nothing… so I’ll just sit here waiting on some undiscovered Topshop treasures and for the miracle to happen.


  1. As per usual I can't describe enough how I love your choose in a garment, even from Topshop! It would take to many words to describe how awesome the ring and jumpsuit and coat are.