A Russian Werewolf in Paris, part 2: A Puzzle


Upon my return from Paris I had hoped to collect a puzzle of my outfit from all over the www and show it to you. Unfortunately I am someone who lacks patience, and generally ‘finds, not looks for’…well, if you come across a picture of a blond (or rather a bright yellow hair, that’s the stage of blond I got to before leaving for Paris) girl with an Acne dress, Peter Pilotto tights and COS jacket, let me know…What amused me the most is that the Japanese street-style photographers who have been tearing me apart for detailed shots of my outfit have been writing all the brand names down in Japanese hieroglyphics, don’t be surprised by a curious transformation into Petel Piroto or Goss – I trust neither the hieroglyphics nor my pronunciation.
If you want to see how the Gareth Pugh video presentation looked like, or what my boss and I found in the RA13 showroom, you should visit http://www.varioussources.tumblr.com/ – I have finally transformed my Tumblr appendix into something autonomous and now it’s really worth a visit.
Now to sum up the day in Paris: a mini-chat with Susie of the Stylebubble to thank her for the post about Hunting&Collecting, the photographers attack, the fresh and sparkly Dries Van Noten show, running into friends I didn’t think I had in Paris, RA13 showroom and friendly Romain and Anna, Gareth Pugh show and a silly chat with Yvan when he asked my name, I frowned that we’ve met and he replied that he knows – the strangest day!
Every time I come back from some sort of fashion event I feel like I’ve come back from a fairy-tale, and I still can’t figure out whether it’s a bad or good one. But I guess that’s where the fascination is from – feeling that the fashion world is an endless puzzle game.


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