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Change of heart. Change of URL.
I’ve been giving so much attention to the Tumblr appendix of this blog that a constant search for images that speak for themselves has become of my primary concern. So bookmark nowhere/now here while it is still an open and everchanging space. I’m not sure what will follow, may be I will turn it into a daily journal of moods and impressions, may be I will focus once again on good quality writing and publish it all on my new clean-looking blog. But for now, lacking inspiration in words, I comb through the world wide web for images that can represent the off-mood of the day/hour/season/year. The images are not mine, unless stated otherwise, but you are free to reblog them without any obligation to cite the source. If you have a Tumblr account you can even discuss the posts, ask me questions and interact much more than the Blogger will ever let you. And in my opinion, the Tumblr’s greatest achievement is the ease of mobile blogging – I have tested the live blogging at the Antwerp Fashion Academy show this year, and I’m pretty happy with the result, naturally you’ll see more of it. And lastly, the title refers to nothing in particular – just some vague mathematical characters . The URL? Well, “nowhere” with a space placed correctly in the middle becomes “now here” – a set of letters with a dual purpose.


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