suits you, madam

The summer has been giving us the extreme highs and lows so far – the blistering heat yesterday and the tropical storm today (there were tornados in Germany, says CNN)…but shall I once more revert to the trenchcoat praise? No, today is something new…for this blog and for my wardrobe at least.
There’s an unexpected garment on my wish-list – the matching coloured suit.
So it’s a set of garments – a loose oversized blazer, preferably unlined and trousers of same material and colour(kaki, beige or anything in between), masculine cut, pleats at the front, long enough to wear them turned up. Ideally, this should be worn belted up, with a light barely-there t-shirt and the wedges, of course, plus some huge spiky bracelets/cuffs/rings to contradict the entire idea of the suit. Yet I combed through internet to no avail – looks like there are no high-street brands that do suits. Why? There’s at least one suit in every issue of Encens, so why aren’t the high-street brands catching up?
And where is one to look? Second-hand and vintage shops or men’s department in Zara? I might give it a try.

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