Londonium: prologue

I’m jumping of joy because I got my tickets for the London trip. I have mixed feelings about the city since the time when I got a chance to live and work there in 2008, and finding myself still living in Brussels half way through 2010 – it does seem odd. Now as I’m through with COS, the bloggers are finally becoming recognised as press in Belgium and I can entertain myself with writing articles about fashion and beyond, while being just a professional slacker, the familiar thought of moving to London is creeping up to me again.
Next week I’ll set off for a short trip of site-seeing, shopping (making the synopsis of numerous addresses and designer names written off StyleBubble to aid me on the long shopping spree), a visit to the Margiela expo, and of course the therapeutical Tube rides with a take-away coffee in my hand – it soothes my nerves like nothing else does. As a highlight of my short trip I’m going to The Chap album launch gig, and may even get a chance to help team-Mewbox with the interview – we’ll see how it goes because music interviews may not be my calling just yet…but do we really have to talk about music or can we discuss The Chap’s visual aesthetic or Johannes’ (the singer) literature reviews?

This is still my London, unfortunately Big Ben is not on it – what I saw 2 years ago when I walked the streets alone somewhere near Aldgate East.

And this is from a small designer market in Shoreditch.


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