we <3 outfit posts

Some outfits for your entertainment. Honestly, I’m just not good at taking those pictures, they always come out blurry and there’s always something missing in the styling, although when I stand in front of the mirror it seems alright. So I generally blame it on my crappy camera and my tired expression, just like this time. I spent a nasty morning still with the heating problem, the result of which is moving out, temporary lodging in Waterloo and still wondering what the heck is wrong with the old year that has been full of crap and the new one that has begun so dreary. Well, to cheer myself up I went on a shopping spree to the most banal place on Earth – H&M. Driven by the desire to find the previously mentioned photo-print t-shirt I combed through the dishevelled sales racks to no avail. Giving it another chance, I picked up some sale items, three of which turn out to be quite a winner – grey jersey jumpsuit, tank dress with uneven stripy print and high-waisted boucle hotpants… the latter being a completely spontaneous pick which looked alright (nevermind the studded pockets) and had a 10 € price tag, subtract the 25% staff reduction and I walked away with the most absurd and tacky garment to ever populate my wardrobe. Therefore, be warned – H&M makes people do strange things – tested, guaranteed!

H&M printed dress
second-hand leather jacket
Surface to Air bag via Mapp.
Opening Ceremony shoes via Mapp.

Bernhard Willhelm top from eBay
vintage Comme des Garcons tuxedo from eBay
H&M hotpants
Surface to Air shoes via Mapp.


  1. i'm so lucky to not only work right above an h&m but to have gone in on just the right day when the photo top had recently been put out. check a few others, you might find it- it was in the organic section. in any case, you made out well cause i love what you've put together here! that willhelm top is so dope..