human laundry service

Please, excuse the moth-eaten and the flea-bitten cutouts, but the quality of the images doesn’t really affect the quality of the garment. Today is the orthodox Christmas and I’m feasting on strawberries and champagne, trying to digest the question of how this unexpected Christmas gift actually found me. I’m 50% in doubt of why I even accepted it, hoping that I can discount the doubt while all is on sale, give in to the hypnotising 50% banners and apply it to my emotions.
So here’s my tribute to one of the most gorgeous gifts I ever received – the cream silk shirt dress by Henrik Vibskov.
And, of course, the endless ‘thank you’s.

+ Veronique Branquinho harness
Surface to Air bag
Henrik Vibskov tights
Surface to Air shoes

+ second-hand leather jacket
H&M snood
vintage frames

+ Veronique Branquinho belt
Bernhard Willhelm socks


  1. just perfect on you. merci pour ton sourire.