anntian spring

The days are passing so fast. Here’s another weekend and here’s next week coming soon. I need more time. I need a day that lasts 72 hours, 12 of which will be spent sleeping, 8 at work, 3 getting to and getting back from work, 5 reading – I would finally get through the thrilling and fascinating issue of Pin-Up, 4 eating…the rest which sums up 40 hours I would spend out and about – writing for the magazine, travelling, going to every gig and exhibition possible to gather the material, doing interviews, taking photos, having my photos taken, designing, sewing, knitting, looking for a commercial space to rent, and being busy with million other exciting projects. But NO! the day is only 24 hours long…5 of them are for sleep, 8 for work( if I’m lucky), 3 for in between, 2 for eating leaves 6 hours in between sleep( or rather the lack of it) and work for the upmost dull activities like groceries shopping, laundry or washing up. 1 of which is left for blogging, 1 for staring at a wall and thinking how tired I am to move a muscle.

So here’s the uneven equation to the creative thinking and progress, so let’s turn it around into something positive, shall we? When days are flying by, it means the next season will be coming soon, because as oppose to the lucky folks in Australia and South Africa I am freezing alone in cold cold Belgium, making lists for spring. Today I even contemplated upon a pre-spring clean, hoping to gather enough goodies for eBay, but on seeing the monster that my wardrobe is, I receded in fright.
Imposed ban #1: no more black
…and this is the inspiration:

Knowing myself and the fact that I don’t take any bans literally, the Anntian’s (by the way, another name combo like RA) spring season does bare traces of black – well, indeed traces. Their printed fabrics are of uneven colour which can be mistaken for texture, but no – those are just coats and coats of paint, all hand-printed in the duo’s studio.Have a read through a tiny interview for Vice blog… I just wish I could ask Anna and Christian some extra questions, because I love the unisex appeal of their clothing, the use of colour without particular restriction and strong asymmetry in the cut. I also wish there would be a retail point to stock them over here in BE and a press agent to borrow the lovely clothes from for photoshoots. I did say I’m making lists for spring!


  1. Lena, your diligence is inspiring, keep it up.