mixed business


Here's a merry clicker for those who admire the diy/low key publications.

Based in Sydney, Australia and always fascinated by the phrase Mixed Business used by many Sydney convenience stores, Joseph Allen adopted this phrase as an umbrella term for his unrestricted commercial art making. IzRock Mixed Business became a convenience (or possible inconvenience) store for graphic design, art direction, publishing, curation, zine making and general art tom foolery. Over here the Izrock publications are avaliable to us - the European folk namely at NOG Gallery in London (no wonder some zines looked familiar - NOG gallery is a diy zine gallery and an occasional gig venue serving as a platform for mostly experimental noise bands just on the corner of Brick Lane and Cheshire street in Shoreditch and just two steps away from my favourite Lik+Neon shop), but there are also stockists in Berlin, Hamburg and Copenhagen.

Thanks, Koenraad, for the link!


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