appetite vs modern frenzy

Once more I’ve got something to say about Mr. Vibskov and all his amazing oeuvre – and you might have guessed I’ll be comparing it with some sweet delight! So here I am to brag about one of my favourite purchases of the past month or so – The Fringe Projects book. If you want a copy, please, drop by Mapp. at rue Léon Lepage 5 – that’s where I got my fringy book full of sketches and inspiration images for all the 10 projects. Several articles and the two interviews explain the concept of the fringe as the ‘side project’ and as a figurative quality of an object full of interpretations and connotations. My favourite project is depicted in the last image – the video of a figure hung upside-down wearing a rather surreal paper fringe costume. The figure twists and turns while shedding some fringes – incredibly hypnotising and bizarre.

But nevermind me for now – here’s a shot of some tasty macarons (vanilla and chocolate flavour, by the way) to match the colour scheme of the book cover. I shall get the macarons and Henrik Vibskov in one room some day. I promise.


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