we <3 outfit posts

It has been absolute ages since the last outfit post. Though this blog has never meant to become a showcase of the wardrobe treasures – there are ones way better at this – I must admit I do indulge into the outfit photographing activity now and then, I just never find courage to show it to each and every, because most of the time such photos are on a verge of the ridiculous. No, I can’t keep a serious face or gracefully pose in front of the camera with a white wall on the background. Instead I jump around like an imbecile and grimace into the camera lens…and, no, it doesn’t come out right. But I just had to show you these – not that I perfected my outfit posing – none of that! But I just received one gorgeous vintage Comme des Garcons jacket that I bought on ebay – it is a truly unique design piece, so quintessentially CDG – a black tuxedo-inspired tail coat with slits under the sleeves. I’m just thinking to add a little bit of padding for that final push to get the shoulder line completely straight and sharp. And I’m currently lusting over a Vivienne Westwood orb brooch and a huge oversized t-shirt dress in , erm, canary yellow to make some bleaching/dyeing experiments (yes, it’s that precise). No clue where to find the aforementioned two, but I’ll be looking.

jacket vintage Comme des Garcons
t-shirt H&M
trousers Preen for Topshop
belt COS


  1. those pants look amazing!
    I hope you're feeling better