sorry belgians, but italians do it better

This week’s fun was so diverse and exhausting that only now I get a chance to post about it. I also figured that I should be getting a new camera very soon, because my shabby old Sony seems to behave inadequately, so please excuse those blurry colour blobs – they are the pictures, by the way.

The 10 years of Essentiel Antwerp.
For those who are not familiar with Belgian mainstream, Essentiel is one of those crowd-pleaser brands with loads of fur, embellishment and printed silks. I’m afraid I wouldn’t be ever posting about it if not the fashion show that has been organised in honour of 10 years of existence of this fashion house. I was kindly invited to join the fun, arriving a little bit late, trotting just on a side of the catwalk to climb onto the highest row in the audience. So if this brand stands for embellishment – I did not get to see any. But nevertheless it was a lovely show, great casting and quite a few Flemish celebs in the front row.

After the catwalk the next room revealed the men’s collection. I do prefer the sobriety of men’s clothes, and there were very interesting details in the clothes, but getting back to the camera issue, you won’t be able to see them so well.

Further into the Waagnatie depot, and further into the night – the retro dancefloor, the white leather chesterfields, the bar free of charge all night long! The rich middle-aged ladies were swinging their fur stoles in the air, and I was getting comments genre ‘you are the most real person this evening’. Well yes, my leggings are H&M, my dress is from Spullenhulp, I’m wearing a black leather harness and a single sequined glove… and my hair is a mess – sorry kids! Evenings like this really puzzle me, because I see how absorbed I can be in the bloggers’ world, finding tie-dye perfectly acceptable, and being confronted with the length of my dress – seems like nobody has seen a calf-length before in the perfect world of mini dresses which look like the girls have forgotten their skirts at home. But I did enjoy it a lot – who wouldn’t with an accomplice in a leopard-print dress and white wine unlimited.
Class Candy @ k-nal.
It did seem like the entire Brussels was there. I’ve been looking forward to see Glass Candy for so long. Beautiful beautiful beautiful!


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