rope necklace


The coat armholes take a little bit more time to complete than I expected, so I’ll post the pictures later on, but in the meanwhile I’ve been wanting to make something messy, just like this Fabrics Interseason rope necklace.

I’m not a huge fan of twigs, so I used some tassels instead. The colours of my rope necklace are also spontaneous because that’s what I could find on a quick visit to a local craft shop, but I like the pale pink and white combination.

1. Lay your ropes and tassels in a shape you like the most, know the ends of the ropes together.

2. You’ll have to put a few stitches to keep the tips from shedding.

3. …and brush the other tips to form some new tassels.

4. Decide on a length and fix two metal clips on each end. I made mine adjustable, so there are no fixtures at all.


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