what does it take...


... to have a few test-shots and one of the five images as a submission for the OrigamiMonAmi magazine?
Three people, dark of the night, trams, macdo, park, fluo cords, trees, creepy barking dogs somewhere out there, curious passers-by. Put in a mixer and press the button – you’ll get Les Voleurs des Arbres.
I’m incredibly curious and impatient to see the final images – they were taken in analogue, and in the digital age I have completely forgotten that it takes a little wait. For the matter of waiting I’ll be off to Amsterdam for a couple of days to enjoy the bike-rides and peep into the windows – the Amsterdamers have an amazing taste for interior decoration. I often found myself staring into the windows, thinking it’s some design shop and then shamefully realizing that it’s just someone’s cosy flat. For the rest I just want to be somewhere else for a short while. But I promise to bring some tasty images back from the trip.


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