Carin Wester

I’ve been meaning to write about the new Carin Wester on-line shop a while ago, but I seem to have gotten onto the ‘I’ve been meaning to…’ trend lately, so the posts have a slightly vintage feel to them. Well, here it comes – another extensive wish list and another head-to-toe designer look I wouldn’t mind to adopt.
BREAKING NEWS: just as I posted about how much I like the Preen ruffle dresses, the Sartoralist reports about the same dress with a total disdain and so many people seem to agree! I couldn’t hold back from a long comment. Are women really obsessed with their butts so much that they couldn’t bear to wear the dress which to me is cosy, pretty and at the same time provocative? I’m puzzled.
…anywizzy, back to Carin W.

There are some nice similarities between the main line and Carin’s range for Weekday.

Weekday’s version is more dreamy and dark, and I love the campaign photos. Now the challenge is to see it in person…the nearest Weekday store is in Copenhagen and there are no Carin Wester retail points in Belgium. It’s a sad world!


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